Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh Brisingr, how you slay me! Not only are you 23 audio discs long but for most of that it was boring explanation and rehashing of Eragon's stupid promises that he should know better than to keep making. Honestly, if it weren't for the last little bit where there is some action and something actually happens, I would have quit you long ago. You even had me in tears a little at the end there. But mostly you drone on and one about dwarf customs and elves and stupid Nasuada and are one of the most stomach turning books I've ever listened to or read. Blech. But still the ending was almost worth it and I'll be back when the next, and hopefully last book, comes out, just because I cannot help myself and to give up on series, even one that deserves it, is beyond me.

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  1. oh, brother. i read the first book a bunch of years ago and didn't know what the heck was happening for the first, um, 100 pages. it was too D&D, woodland faeries for me. but i was amazed that a kid wrote it...which is why i read it. i ended up liking it...but struggled with the second and didn't bother with the third.


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