Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Time Favorite Books

I was thinking last night about my top 5 all time favorite books. These are books that I have read multiple times. So in no particular order, here they are:

1. Auntie Mame: I first saw the Rosalind Russell movie when I was around 12ish and I loved it. I am a big fan of old movies. Then I found out it was a book and it was at my local library. So I read it and the sequel then. Then when I was in grad school, I read it again. Then my mom bought me a paperback copy and I've read that copy several times. It just doesn't get better than Auntie Mame.

2. Jurassic Park: I'm a big Michael Crichton fan and I've never read a book by him I didn't enjoy. Jurassic Park is the only one, though, that I've read several times. In fact, we were weeding our home collection and it was one of the paperbacks I just had to keep. I really need a hardcover. I've never been a big dinosaur person but I LOVED this book and the movie too, of course.

3. Ender's Game: I was introduced to this by BT. It is his all time favorite book and, when we started dating, I figured I should read it too. It has to be one of the best books ever written! I've read all the the Enders series and all of the Bean series. But Ender's Game is the one I've read the most.

4. Skinny Legs and All tied with Jitterbug Perfume: It's hard to choose between these to Tom Robbins' books. Skinny Leg and All was the first one I read and you never forget your first Tom Robbins but Jitterbug Perfume has one of my favorite quotes, "Louisiana in September was like an obscence phone call from nature. The air even sounds like heavy breathing."

5. Someplace to Be Flying: Who doesn't love Charles de Lint? I am part Native American so I guess the animal people parts really speak to me. I love the idea of Raven, and the Crow Girls, and Jackdaw. Something about this book amazes me. I've even made others read it.

Honorable Mention goes out to The Neverending Story: I loved this book and read it several times when I was younger, but it's been a while. The book is so wonderful and has so many elements that the original movie changed or left out. Strangely, I was never a fan of the Childlike Empress but loved Bastian,
Atreyu, and Falkor and also the Rockbiter.

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  1. We have very similar tastes; Enders Game would definitely be on my top five list. I also love Auntie Mame and Charles de Lint.


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