Friday, April 4, 2014

The House of Hades by Rick Riodian (The Heroes of Olympus #4) (audio)

Annabeth and  Percy are stuck in Tartarus, making their way to the Doors of Death. Meanwhile, the rest of the group are going to find the doors in the mortal world to save them.

I always enjoy the Olympus books even if the action can be predictable. Predictable is fine as long as it isn't formulaic. And if the characters are good, then predictable is less predictable and more comfortable. Because we've been with Annabeth and Percy through one series and now partway through another we know how they will react to situations with Annabeth trying to talk her way out and Percy trying to fight his way out. So it's easy to see that they are going to get out of Tartarus using their skills. On the other side of the Doors are the rest of  the demigods who are making their way to mortal side in order to rescue Annabeth and Percy and then close them on their side therefore making Gaia unable to summon more monsters and making her weaker. I feel like we get more of Leo and Hazel than anyone but that's fine. I think I like them best anyway. Still it was nice to see Hazel and Frank step up and take charge and for Leo to get some self confidence.

So now it's all set up for the final book, The Blood of Olympus, out later this year. I can't wait though I'm going to be sad to, once again, not have a demigods book to wait on.

17 hours, 30 minutes

Nick Chamian is the narrator and I enjoyed his reading. He did a good job with the voices and the acting and I didn't really notice a difference between him and the last narrator other than he seemed ot have a "surfer" quality to his voice especially for Percy. 

The Heroes of Olympus
#1 The Lost Hero
#2 The Son of Neptune (not reviewed)
#3 The Mark of Athena

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