Friday, July 29, 2011

My Bonny Light Horseman : Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, in Love and War by L.A. Meyer

Jacky has finally been caught by the British government and is set to France as a spy.

You know what? I'm glad that Jacky was finally caught.  It felt like the chase had gone on long enough and another book of Jacky escaping would have been too much.  This book added some forward motion to the overall plot and I was glad of it.  I knew that Jack would make an excellent spy.  She is so clever and wily and she proved me right.  It was interesting to see a battle of Napoleon's (who makes an appearance) and how Jacky handled being in "enemy" territory.  And, of course, being Jacky she manages to find romance in the midst of her spying.  I'm beginning to feel sorry for Jaimy.  I think Jacky might love the idea of him, more than actually him.  Because how well do they really know each other at this point?  Each has done things the other doesn't know about, things they are not proud of.  And Jacky's affections wander so much in each book.  I guess time (and more books) will tell.

12 hours

As always, Katharine Kellgren does a great job.   I did notice, however, that her screaming rendition of Jacky's distressed moments, especially at the battle, are a bit grating.  While I know that her reading of those parts is accurate for the text, I found myself wanting to fast forward.  

Bloody Jack
Whisper in my Ear


  1. I'm glad Jacky was finally caught too. Somethimes it's good that some things come to an end. ;)

  2. Ah this one was great too. Jacky certainly has a wayward eye. I'll be interested to know what you think about her further adventures coming up! :)


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