Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Rachel Chu is absolutely in love with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young. So when he invites her along to his best friend's wedding and then to spend the summer in Singapore, she agrees. But he does not to prepare her for the society she is going to  meet. Because Nicholas' family is not only rich, they are crazy rich. And they are also just plain crazy.

I really only picked up this book because one of my favorite gossip sites,  Lainey Gossip, was so enthusiastic about it. It seemed like a fun read and she was pretty adamant that it was a great summer read. Obviously I didn't get to it in time for that, but it was fun autumn read as well. It's hard to imagine that people actually live like the characters in this book but according to her and other reviews, it's pretty accurate on that front. The sheer amount of money they have is overwhelming. But it's also proof that money cannot buy class, taste, or sympathy.

I felt bad for Rachel. I realize that Nicholas has been conditioned since birth not to talk about his family's money but he honestly could have prepared in some way. Just mentioned that they are very influential or something. Though the book did work hard to point out that Nicholas was pretty oblivious to that kind of thing. It's easy to ignore money if you have it. Poor Rachel was just so unprepared for these people. The way they even talk about money is astounding. Throwing millions around like chump change. Americans are generally not accustomed to such displays. But it was kind of fun to see how people live with that kind of money.

Overall this was a fun book. I enjoyed it. It is definitely a beach read kind of book. My only complaint was how rushed the ending felt. A whole lot was thrown at the main character very quickly and then it was basically resolved in a few chapters. Other than that, it was a super fun read.

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