Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson (Shades of London #2)

Rory is recovering slowly from her encounter with the Ripper and she is bored stuck with her parents in Bristol while undergoing therapy after her traumatic experience. But she is finally allowed to return to London and to Wexford. There she begins to explore her newfound power, acquired after she vanquished the Ripper and to search for something to help her feel right again.

I was excited to learn what happened next to Rory. The Name of the Star ended in such a great place and Rory is a great character. She is very funny and talkative. I wasn't disappointed. Rory is still great, dealing with being stabbed and with trying to get her life back. I'm glad that Stephen, Boo, and Callum make a return appearance along with Rory's roommate.

The plot, though, well, overall I'm not sure what the plot was. Rory came back to London, there were ghosts and a therapist. I felt like this book was the end of the first one and the beginning of the second. It was a middle book that did not overcome being a middle book. I mean, it was a good book. Don't get me wrong. It's just the ghosts aren't there for any real reason. The villain is a little bit of surprise. The ending, though, that's the pay-off. It's pretty shocking and the next book should be pretty awesome. I'm curious to see how all of that will be resolved. So I guess this book did its job after all.

Shades of London
The Name of the Star


  1. The dreaded second book blah. Sad to hear but thanks for the warning.

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