Monday, January 21, 2013

Crossed by Ally Condie

Cassia has made it to the Borderlands in her quest to find Ky. Meanwhile, Ky is also on a mission to get back to Cassia. Told through alternating chapters set in the outer reaches of the Society, Ky and Cassia learn more about the Society and the resistance movement known as the Rising and more about each other as they come to terms with their relationship and the rebellion.

Middle books of trilogy can have the tendency to have less development than first or third books. Sometimes they are treated as filler or to set up the climatic third book. So the money is really in the beginning and the end. Crossed was good don't get me wrong but when I thought about it after I finally finished (it took a while) not much really happened. Some information was learned and the characters of Cassia and Ky were explored more and I suppose this will have more bearing in the last book. But for a series I was already on the fence about this wasn't a strong sequel. I will be reading Reached sooner or later and I am interested in seeing how it is all wrapped up. Hoping this bulls*&t barely existent "love triangle" mess is put away. Condie tries awfully hard to make us think that Cassia is torn between Ky and Zander but I just don't see it and if there is a problem it is more between Cassia and Ky and whatever is happening in their heads.

Sequel to Matched

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