Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

In Chipping Cleghorn an advertisement is placed in the social pages of the local newspaper announcing the date and time of a murder. When several townsfolk show up thinking it is a game they soon see that it is not. For a murder does take place and the police begin to focus on the suspects. But soon Miss Jane Marple becomes involved and the murderer begins to become more desperate.

Continuing with my mystery kick, I checked out A Murder is Announced. It seems that there are a quite a few Miss Marple audios but less Poirot or at least at my library anyway. But that's okay. I enjoy Miss Marple and how she is constantly underestimated because she is a little old lady. Underestimated, of course, by those who do not know her because once they do they never make that mistake again. 

This is one of those mysteries, like most of Christie's, that looks one way at the beginning but has a completely different outcome. All the little clues are there but it takes a mind like Jane Marple's to see the big picture. All the characters are wholly believable as residents of a little village and it is a peek at British life after the war.

8 hours, 42 minutes

Rosemary Leach is the reader and she does a wonderful job making the various characters stand out. Her narration is very clear and I really enjoyed this audio book.


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