Thursday, August 15, 2013

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare (The Infernal Devices #3) (audio)

Tessa and Jem are still engaged to be married and Will is still in love with Tessa but puts his feelings aside for his parabatai. But as Mortmain begins his final assualt against the Shadowhunters, he still needs one thing to complete his plan, Tessa. Will and Jem as well as the rest of the London Institute try to protect her and find Mortmain, but they find opposition from the least likely place.

I enjoyed this last installment of The Infernal Devices series. Though it felt like the the Mortmain plot was plot B and the love triangle was plot A. It never really felt like there was a danger from Mortmain but I did like how that plot point was resolved. And overall how the love triangle was solved too. It was nice to see so much growth in these characters from Clockwork Angel to Clockwork Princess. I think I will be moving on to the Mortal Instruments series sometime soon.

Daniel Sharman is the narrator and I enjoyed his performance. He was a really good reader for this book and I liked him better than the narrator for the last Infernal Devices book. 
16 hours, 15 minutes

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