Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan (The Lynburn Legacy #1)

Kami has lived her whole life with a boy inside her head. But when that boy turns out to be real and one of the dreaded Lynburns, a family whose mysterious hold over the town causes fear and silence, Kami's perceptions of her life and her town are turned upside down. With her nap loving friend Angela and the other Lynburn, tall, polite Ash, Kami sets out to find out why the Lynburns are so feared in Sorry-in-the-Vale.

It's been a while since I've read a book that I haven't wanted to put down. For a long time now, I've lazily been reading books. Usually I ripped through books quickly taking a couple of days, sometimes a week but not much more. But not lately which is why I have been so quiet on this blog. But Unspoken was not a book to be put down. It pretty much demanded that I read it right now. And I am so glad it did. This is one of the funnies, smartest, and most engrossing book I've come across in a while. I loved it. While I didn't find what the Lynburns are to be that surprising, sometimes it is less about how original an idea is and more about how well it is executed. I did love the element that Kami and Jared are telepathically linked and how that came about. I loved the ending even though it broke my heart a little. I loved how funny this was. True story: I was reading this during a reference desk shift and started laughing out loud. Probably not my most professional moment but it could not be helped. This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

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  1. LIke I said on FB, I'm on the hold list for this one, but it's not even finished processing yet, so it won't be here in time for this weekend's Readathon. Which is sad, because it sounds like a really good RAT option!


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