Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Lately my heart has gone out of blogging. I don't know if it is the pregnancy occupying my mind or the fact that I've been busier both at work and at home or a little bit of both. But book reviewing is feeling more and more like a chore than something fun.  I started this blog so I could write down my thoughts on the books I've read, but along the way I got really involved with the whole world that can go along with book blog. And I loved making the new friends I've made and reading their blogs and generally becoming more involved in this whole aspect of the book world I didn't know about until I become a blogger. 

But life moves on and my family is expanding and I've taken on much more responsibility in the real world, so much that the blogging world has been pushed to the side. I feel like that isn't fair to my blog and to the readers I have left. In 2011 the amount of reviews I've published has diminished quite a bit and I really began to drop out of blogging months ago. But now I've finally decided to just go on hiatus and read a book that doesn't have to be reviewed. Is this permanent? I don't know. I really enjoyed blogging when I was into it. So maybe I'll be back. I'd like to be back. And I have a feeling I'll be posting reviews now and then. It's hard to stop someone who loves books as much as I do from talking about them. I just don't want to feel obligated. So I'll see ya'll around. Thanks for reading and I've enjoyed becoming blogging friends with you. Catch ya later.


  1. Oh honey I'm so sad to hear this. But I can totally understand. With my new little one, I too am finding a shift in my priorities. Best of luck! :)

  2. PS Idea: Maybe you should keep blogging but stop accepting books for reviews? It will keep your reading but minimize the schedule and encourage you to read only what you're in the mood for. It works for me.

  3. I'm struggling with this a bit too, so I've decided to stop accepting review books for awhile...focus on books I want to read, when I want to read them. Good luck with whatever your decision is!

  4. Blogging should never be an obligation, and with a little on the way (or just life in general, too!) it's normal to have your priorities changing. I hope you can find a good balance in the coming months. Maybe reviewing only the books you really loved would set a preferable pace for you? Just a thought :)

  5. Oh, I wondered where you've been lately!

    I have trouble keeping up with blogging, too - maybe a hiatus is just what you need!



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