Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Nancy Drew books!

My friend got me these early 1950's Nancy Drews at a library booksale.  How awesome is that! They are pretty neat and in good condition.   They all have the blue tweed board covers and some pretty illustrations.  The end papers are nice too, most are the blue "Digger" endpapers, except for one which is the blue silhouette endpaper.  I'm going to have to read them soon! Aren't they pretty?

Top left: The Mystery at the Ski Jump
Top right: The Mystery at Lilac Inn
Bottom left: Nancy's Mysterious Letter
Bottom right: The Secret at Shadow Ranch

Blue Digger end paper for Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Frontispiece for Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Blue Silhouette endpaper for The Mystery at the Ski Jump
Frontispiece for The Mystery at the Ski Jump


  1. Lilac In & Shadow Ranch are even two of my favorites! Wow! How terrific!!

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous. ♥

    ...Is it incredibly shameful to admit I have never, ever read a Nancy Drew book? Or a Hardy Boys one, for that matter...

  3. Gorgeous! I read so many Nancy Drew books growing up, and I just loved them.


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