Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I'm reading

Right now I'm reading Switch by Carol Snow. The short of it: a girl can switch bodies with others during lightning storms. I am listening to The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak at work and in the car right now. I was listening to Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors but the last disc was messed up so I'm waiting for a new set and then I will finish it. Next will be Charlie Bone and the Hidden King for the car and probably All American Girl (Meg Cabot) at work if I can get Ready or Not to follow right behind it. I like reading series together and not splitting up the books as much as I can help it.
I recently finished Savvy (Ingrid Law) and Wondrous Strange (Livingston) and I working on reviews for both. Both were excellent and Savvy is a Newbury Honor so there's that.
I also got a big donation from someone who was on the Newbury Committee and it was generally books we don't add, mostly YA and Children's of course, so I boxed up the ones I wasn't interested in and shelved the others to read before the next book sale. So I have a ton to read and keep getting more in!

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